Recording Reviews (continued)

John Jones: Eight Setts of Lessons for the Harpsichord (Glossa)

“Harpsichord doyenne Mitzi Meyerson brings to these accounts improvisatory flair, expressive rhetorical gestures, balletic grace and agility. She varies timbre and texture to delightful effect. We have Meyerson to thanks for dusting off this trove of lovely gems which contributes significantly to our understanding of the soundscape of Georgian England.”
— Kate Bolton-Porciatti, BBC Music Magazine

“These are extraordinary pieces because of their technical demands, inventiveness, and brilliance. Meyerson’s virtuosity and exquisite feeling for this music make this double CD an extraordinary find, and she puts Jones back in the spotlight after two centuries of neglect, a major accomplishment in itself. A treat for lovers of Baroque harpsichord music.”
— Blair Anderson, All Music Review

“Mitzi Meyerson has done us a favor by recording these lessons. She has served Jones’ pieces well, not just by recording them but also by delivering such outstanding performances, full of vigor and zest. She treats Jones with the same respect and engagement as compositions which are generally recognized as masterworks. And that is how it should be.”
— Johan van Veen, Musica-Dei-Donum

“John Jones Lessons of 1754 are here rescued from an undeserved obscurity by Mitzi Meyerson. The recording both delights and surprises; the playing is always intelligent and expressive, showing a sympathetic approach to Jones’ text while not being afraid to extend it by filling out and ornamenting. The current recording has already made significant contribution to the story of English music.”
— Noel O’Regan, Early Music Review

Richard Jones: Sets of Lessons for the Harpsichord (Glossa)

CD of the Month
“The compositions can be held in every comparison with the superstar Händel. And when an extraordinary harpsichordist like Mitzi Meyerson has dedicated herself to them, the success is a fire gone conclusion. Everything comes together, full of life, so much wit in the playing, courage, non-conformist, and always exciting!”
— Robert Strobi, Alte Musik Aktuell

Antoine Forqueray: pièces de clavecin (Erato)

"Highly charged with emotion, this music demands spirited, dramatic performances which would make the most of its stylish decadence. These Mitzi Meyerson delivers with flair and finesse. Her penchant for capturing the essence of the moment and the variety of her playing fascinates; her intelligent attention to detail never overshadows her acute sense of timing."
— Gramophone Magazine

Antoine Forqueray: Pièces de viole mises en pièces de clavecin (MDG)

"Mitzi Meyerson variiert das riesige Arsenal dieser Figuren durch rhythmische, artikulatorische, dynamische und agogische Nuancen von einer Leichtigkeit, dass man ihr staunend durch das Spiegelkabinett feinster Gefühlsabstufungen, Variationen und Wiederaufnahmen folgt. Das ist Rokoko von seiner raffiniertesten Seite. Die Referenzaufnahme!"
— Boris Kehrmann

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